PSItraffic Depot Management

Our PSItraffic depot management system automates your operations and optimises your personnel and vehicle use.

We ensure that you have everything under control.

The depot is the central hub of your company, and is home to many vehicles: in cleaning, maintenance or in final position. With drivers at the beginning and end of shift, several areas of work are closely linked, and you are responsible for smooth operation.

Expansion of the system according to your needs
PSItraffic is based on a modular concept and implemented so that your processes can be modeled optimally in the system. And as your company grows, the system can be expanded with additional modules.

You have multiple depots and different business areas like tram or bus? PSItraffic integrates them seamlessly.

Your Benefits

Increase of vehicle availability
Reduction of vehicles in reserve
Optimised vehicle parking
Optimised vehicle maintenance
Less refuelling processes
Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic optimisation
High process quality
With AVMS in one system

Pictures: © PSI Transcom GmbH, © Hamburger Hochbahn AG, © Rostocker Straßenbahn AG, © Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG