37 Years Innovative Control Technology
for Public Transport

Success through Continuity and Competence

Under the brand PSItraffic, PSI Transcom GmbH develops and integrates process control solutions for public and local rail transport companies to ensure reliable, safe and efficient operation.

This includes multi-client transport control systems with real-time passenger information for buses and trams, Automatic Vehicle Management, Train Management solutions, and Depot Management systems.

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With our software and more than 36 years of project experience, we provide optimal and efficient processes in transport companies. We ensure that passengers using bus, tram and train reach their destination on-time and safely with a maximum of service quality. In this way, we increase mobility—whether in the city or the country—and protect the environment through careful use of the resources energy and fuel.

In July 2018 we have added our team through the Potsdam Moveo Software GmbH as a 100% subsidiary. The core business of Moveo is the software profahr for the operational planning of personnel in public transport companies.

Our employees possess high-level technological industry expertise. They understand our customers’ processes and develop new strategies and solutions with continuous commitment. We have also been actively involved in research projects and associations for many years, and cooperate with expert IT partners.

This optimally prepares us to configure the appropriate systems for our customers and support them in maintaining their competitiveness.

The company is a 100% subsidiary of PSI Software AG, which was founded in 1969.

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