Strong Partners for long-term Success

Together with our partners, we develop innovative concepts and individual solutions for our customers.



Ruf Multimedia AG develops and implements dynamic digital display solutions for passenger information and solutions for passenger safety in vehicles and on platforms and stops.
PSI and Ruf cooperate in projects for the delivery and implementation of passenger information systems.

Agilion is a solution supplier for wireless communication and localisation. With its wireless localisation system Agilion supplies a freely scalable wireless infrastructure for real time positioning and process data transmission in tunnels, buildings, halls and vehicle depots.
The cooperation between Agilion and PSI Transcom concentrates on the integration of the Agilion technology in PSItraffic.

Zelisko develops and integrates modern board computer and ticket printing machines.
PSI Transcom and Zelisko cooperate in AVM projects regarding the equipment of vehicles with board computers.

Systemtechnik develops systems for the collection of passenger data, for the verification of electronic tickets, for the mobile ticket sale and for the entrance control.
Synergies between PSI Transcom and Systemtechnik result from integrating ticketing functions in PSItraffic.

krauth technology develops ticket printers and board computer systems as well as mobile and stationary ticket machines. 
Krauth is a PSI partner for the supply of vehicles with board computers.

ib datentechnik develops and delivers displays and large-area display panels with LED, LCD and TFT technologies.
ib datentechnik and PSI Transcom successfully work together for many years now, supplying transport companies with highly modern passenger information displays.

Symeo develops and produces the most modern HF radio sensor technology components, as well as complete systems for positioning and distance measurement for industrial applications.
The cooperation between Symeo and PSI Transcom concentrates on the integration of the patented local positioning radar-technology (LPR) in PSItraffic.

The openmatics platform of the company Openmatics, allows customers access to an individually assembled portfolio of telematics applications.
Benefits in the partnership between PSI and Openmatics come from utilising interfaces between PSItraffic and the openmatics platform.

GSP Sprachtechnologie develops and integrates passenger information, safety and passenger entertainment systems.
PSI Transcom and GSP collaborate in supplying vehicles with board computer equipment.

globits is a supplier of IP communication solutions and safety technology.
PSI Transcom and globits cooperate within connecting PSI control technology to network, IP telephony and WLAN.