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    Together with our partners, we develop innovative concepts and individual solutions for our customers.

    In doing so, we require the same qualities among our partners that distinguish us: the highest level of professionalism and quality.

Board Computer/Ticketing

For 40 years, the ATRON Group has been developing digital, mobile and sustainable system solutions for public transport. The aim is to increase efficiency for transport companies as well as comfort for passengers.


The software solutions from highQ ensure efficient fare management at all levels and for all types of tickets, from classic paper tickets to e-tickets.


krauth technology develops ticket printers and board computer systems as well as mobile and stationary ticket machines. 
Krauth is a PSI partner for the supply of vehicles with board computers.


Systemtechnik develops systems for the collection of passenger data, for the verification of electronic tickets, for the mobile ticket sale and for the entrance control.
Synergies between PSI Transcom and Systemtechnik result from integrating ticketing functions in PSItraffic.


Zelisko develops and integrates modern board computer and ticket printing machines.
PSI Transcom and Zelisko cooperate in AVM projects regarding the equipment of vehicles with board computers.


Data hubs

The central data hub conceptZDD of Konzeptpark GmbH enables the automated management and distribution of data of company-owned systems, such as AVMS, passenger information systems, vehicle displays, etc., based on the VDV standard interfaces..


Passenger Information

GSP Sprachtechnologie develops and integrates passenger information, safety and passenger entertainment systems.
PSI Transcom and GSP collaborate in supplying vehicles with board computer equipment.


ib datentechnik develops and delivers displays and large-area display panels with LED, LCD and TFT technologies.
ib datentechnik and PSI Transcom successfully work together for many years now, supplying transport companies with highly modern passenger information displays.


Vehicle Tracking

With the SIMATIC RTLS real-time radio tracking system, Siemens offers a freely scalable infrastructure for real-time wireless location of vehicles in buildings, halls and depots.


Symeo develops and produces the most modern HF radio sensor technology components, as well as complete systems for positioning and distance measurement for industrial applications.

The cooperation between Symeo and PSI Transcom concentrates on the integration of the patented local positioning radar-technology (LPR) in PSItraffic.


Charging Stations

ABB is a leading global provider of charging infrastructure and electrification solutions for electric and hybrid buses.


Heliox is the global market leader for fast charging electric buses. Following the implementation of electric bus systems in more than 17 countries, Heliox, together with its partners, is making a significant contribution to a more sustainable world.


IES Synergy is a developer and manufacturer of high-frequency power electronics for the fast charging of electric vehicles.


Project Management Charging Infrastructure

Together with its partners Laddalliansen is providing turnkey projects for the electrification of bus depots throughout Scandinavia. The offer includes besides the distribution grid station, electrical cabinets also charging stations incl. their installation and cabling as well. The portfolio is completed with the needed software systems (from PSI), maintenance and service of the complete system on-site.



ITCS Service Support GmbH provides all services related to vehicle cabling in the public transport sector - from the creation of cabling plans to the turnkey vehicle.


Public Transport-Service GmbH has been a service provider in the areas of AVMS cabling, repair, maintenance and services for more than 10 years. Its customers include vehicle manufacturers, transport companies and system suppliers.


Signaling Technology

Actemium LeitTec AG offers modern, safe and highly available remote control and remote transmission systems for the remote control of interlockings.


BÄR Bahnsicherung AG plans, designs, implements, assembles and inspects railway safety systems such as signal boxes and level crossings.


As the world's leading safety provider, HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH supports its customers with individual, independent safety solutions. For this purpose, the company implements intelligent security controls and cyber-safe software.