Despite temporary impact of the economic and security situation PSI continues to expect growth in sales and increased profitability

Along with a current investment stop by individual customers in some fields of business, PSI has noticed a significant increase in the decision-making processes for investment decisions. PSI therefore expects a sales growth of 15% and an increase in the EBIT before goodwill amortization of about 30% for the 2001 financial year.


The business in the field of eBusiness continues to develop negatively. In contrast to that the development of the business fields Energy and Telecommunication continue to be positive so that the volume of orders for the group as of 30 September could again be increased and is now about € 140 million.


Nevertheless PSI will make targeted adjustments of the costs and employee capacity to the new general conditions. In addition structural measures will be taken which are justified by the altered situation; the eBusiness field will suspend its independent services and in the future be offered as basis technology in the traditional business fields. To continue to expand the excellent position in Energy and Telecommunication, these are summarized in one segment. This will significantly increase the capacity for development and realization.