PSI Software integrates Renewable Energies in flexQgrid R&D Project

Producers and consumers are equipped with decentralized PSI network controllers. Source: flexQgrid, PSI GridConnect

Producers and consumers are equipped with decentralized PSI network controllers. Source: flexQgrid, PSI GridConnect

Network traffic light at the Netze BW for flexible usage of the distribution grid

Berlin, 20 March 2020 – PSI Software AG is developing a decentralised, semi-autonomous network control for online operation as part of the flexQgrid research project coordinated by the Netze BW GmbH. PSI is also realising the integration of a quota-based network traffic light concept in a real control system environment.

PSI is implementing a quota-based network traffic light model in the research project and will evaluate it together with the project partners with regard to its practicality. For this purpose, a control system field test environment will be connected to the control system of the BW networks in monitoring mode so that the extensions can be tested with real process data without influencing the operating system. In addition, the PSIngo intelligent grid operator software solution will be used to install decentralised network control in the field test environment. The results of the field test will provide valuable information for the further development and integration of the network traffic light model into real network operation.

In the three-year research project flexQgrid – which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) – the distribution grid, regional power generation, steerable users and market participants such as aggregators are to be brought together again. The focus is on the twelve-month field test starting in August 2021, which will involve two medium-voltage and probably three low-voltage networks with flexible consumers such as heat pumps, battery storage units and electric vehicles. If a bottleneck is predicted with simultaneous utilisation of the grids and a "yellow phase" occurs, the traffic light colour "red" must be set by means of approval quotas for generation or consumption systems, thus avoiding intervention by the grid operator. Details can be found at:

Netze BW GmbH is the largest grid operator for electricity, gas and water in Baden-Württemberg.

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