PSI Supplies Depot Management System for Metros to Hamburger Hochbahn

Source: Hamburger Hochbahn

Source: Hamburger Hochbahn

Digitization of the processes in depots ensures optimal availability

Berlin, 1 February 2021 - Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) has commissioned PSI Transcom GmbH with the delivery of the depot management system PSItraffic/DMS for the metro area. The aim is to further digitize the processes involved in supplying vehicles to the workshops. In the first phase, the system will be implemented for the Farmsen and Billstedt workshops. In addition to the implementation of the DMS, the order also includes the connection of existing systems. The project will be implemented in an agile development process.

With PSItraffic/DMS, the in-house development of HOCHBAHN will be replaced by a proven standard solution. In addition to existing functions to ensure operations, this solution also contains new options and functions.

The digitization of the workflow across the vehicle supply to the workshops will enable HOCHBAHN to further structure its processes and significantly increase their transparency. It will also harmonize processes and optimize vehicle availability.

HOCHBAHN has been using PSItraffic/DMS since 2014 to automate the processes at its nine bus depots and has expanded this to include charging and load management for e-buses in 2019.

With four subway lines, over 250 subway vehicles, 114 bus lines, around 1,000 buses and about 1.2 million passengers daily (pre-Corona level), HOCHBAHN is Germany's second-largest local transport company.

Based on its own software products, PSI Group develops and integrates complete solutions for optimizing the flow of energy and materials for utilities (energy networks, energy trading, public transport) and industry (metals production, automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics). PSI was founded in 1969 and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.

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