PSI Tightens Group Structures


  • Merger of PSI Infrastruktur Services GmbH and Schindler Technik AG

  • Merger of GSI mbH and integral datentechnik GmbH

  • Integration of PSIPENTA Automotive GmbH in PSIPENTA GmbH





Berlin, 13 September 2002 –PSI is continuing the tightening of the group structure which they initiated last year. In this connection the wholly-owned subsidiary PSI Infrastruktur Services GmbH is merging with Schindler Technik AG, in which PSI previously held a 28.5% interest. The merger of the network specialist Schindler with PSI Infrastruktur creates a new full-service provider with more than 100 employees and a complete range of products, ranging from EDP wiring to the set-up and managing of complete IT infrastructures. PSI holds a 37.2 % interest in the new Schindler Technik AG.


With the merger of the sales partner datentechnik GmbH, in which PSI previously held a 49 % share, with the development firm GSI GmbH (18 %), a new provider of production solutions for smaller companies is formed which combines the development know how of GSI with the sales competence of integral datentechnik. PSI will hold a 47 % interest in the new GSI GmbH. With the integration of PSIPENTA Automotive GmbH in PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH, PSI will strengthen its orientation of the PSIPENTA product in the attractive a automotive market and simultaneously takes advantages of synergies in product development.