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The MOBILITY manager appears once a year and informs about the latest developments and current projects in public transport.

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Current cover story

Keolis SA gradually converts to electric drive with PSIebus depot near Paris-Vélizy

From Vélizy to Versailles via eBus

Anyone who takes the bus from Vélizy to Versailles today is very likely sitting on an eBus. Keolis, the bus operator responsible, owns a total of 86 vehicles at its Vélizy depot. Of these, 50 are now electrically powered. The PSIebus depot and charging

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Recommended articles

Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

Autonomous rail transport is already a reality in the major European cities. In Germany too, it is gaining momentum as an important piece in the puzzle of modern mobility concepts. What we are starting to see here: When it comes to central dispatch interfaces, modular and agile control systems are particularly suitable.

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E-Mobility in public transport

As public transport converts from diesel to electric vehicles, integrated software systems that combine depot management and the charging system have proven particularly effective. Two issues are especially significant here: Optimizing the interaction between driving operation and charging management on the one hand, and creating standard interfaces between various systems on the other hand.

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More Than Just Covid Protection

Solutions are being sought everywhere that not only protect people from infection in the current situation, but also offer added value beyond the pandemic. Baselland Transport AG (BLT),  has decided to switch to the mobile roster as part of the Profahr personnel dispatching system in the context of its health protection efforts, and intends to adhere to this solution for its driving services in the future.

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In our archive you can find all issues of the Mobility Manager (former Infrastructure Manager) released since 2017.


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