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- Modern technology ensures safe and reliable train management
  A solid foundation for future railway operations

- PSI delivers Train Scheduling System to Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)
  PSItraffic centrally controls largest contiguous German public transport network

- PSI Transcom and Moveo Software GmbH united under one roof
  Expanding the range of services by adding software for personnel planning

- Towards a green future
  Depot and charging management for electric buses

- Passenger information systems
  Between wish and reality

- A system that benefits everyone
  Hagener Straßenbahn AG sets a benchmark for the future with integrated AVMS and DMS

- Being on-time is the most important thing
  Dürener Kreisbahn powered by new PSI control technology

- PSI demonstrates software for the future mobility
  InnoTrans 2018



- Depot management and smart grids
  PSItraffic/DMS and PSIcontrol: Intelligent charge management for Public Transport 4.0

- PSItraffic/DMS at the MVG: Scalable solution for multiple depots
  Depot management system for medium-sized companies

- PSItraffic – Integrating passenger information and train management for Swiss transport companies
  Successful leap into the digital world of customer service

- From migrating three existing systems to restructuring sales and control technology
  Modern overall system for the Verkehrsgesellschaft Vorpommern-Rügen

- User and discussion forum, 27.-28.4.2017
  Digitisation and automation in public transport

- Intelligent network control technology for traction current providers
  Comprehensive energy management with PSIcontrol



- Fast switching on narrow rails
  PSItraffic train management system at Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn

- Poznans trams are rolling – securely and on-time
  First depot management system in Poland

- Stuttgart Airport bus station begins operations with dispatching
  and passenger information system
  Reliable information for travellers

- Better informed with PSItraffic
  Renewal of the information and reporting system at S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH

- E-Mobility – Electric buses soon everywhere?
  Adaptation of existing IT systems to new requirements

- Control complex processes efficiently
  PSI with systems for process optimisation at the InnoTrans in Berlin

- Experts at PSI Transcom
  We introduce

- Jürgen Lade – There from the start



- Transparent processes at Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG
  Complete transparency with PSItraffic/DMS

- Managing and controlling on-demand service with PSItraffic
  Full-service on demand

- PSItraffic Train Management System – more reliable train operations with
  reduced costs
  Maximum efficiency for train operations

- Guest commentary on digital transformation – Stephan Preuss,
  Developing digital competitive advantages in companies

- Excerpt from an interview with Torsten Vogel of PSI Transcom GmbH
   in manage it magazine
  Enjoy working with the systems

- We introduce
  Experts at PSI Transcom

- User and Discussion Forum in Berlin
  Two days, many topics and lofty heights

- PSI Transcom and PSI Electrical Energy present projects in Milan
  UITP World Congress

infrastructure manager 2/2014


- PSItraffic Automating Six Bus Depots
  Hamburger Hochbahn AG Introducing DMS

- Municipal Transport Company in Poznan Optimizes Tram Depot with PSItraffic
  First Automatically Controlled Depot in Poland

- Rostocker Straßenbahn AG Performs System Upgrade
  DMS Ensures Cost-Effectiveness

- Seamless Information for Passengers in the Swiss Mittelland Region
  Aare Seeland mobil AG Introduces Dynamic Passenger Information

- International Trade Fair for Transport Technology in Berlin
  Concentrated PSI Know-How at the InnoTrans

- DMS Customers Meet in Hamburg
  Discussion and User Forum at Hamburger Hochbahn AG

- Kay Tewes Reinforcing Sales Team
  New Sales Manager PT

infrastructure manager 1/2014


- Train dispatch by video
  An ideal view of the platform

- New association memberships
  Actively shaping the future

- One contract – three systems
  Efficiency in the focus of the Hagener Straßenbahn AG

- Relocation during operation
  New heart of the Hamburg S-Bahn

- ZAT system for the S-Bahn Berlin
  Approval process completed

- PSItraffic with interface to online-Service
  Public Transport route planning with Google Transit

- PSI system delivers real-time data for mobile devices
  New generation of customer information at RSVG

- Information from the control stand
  Mobile app for asm AG

- All together for pt growth
  PSI participates in global campaign

- Events