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The MOBILITY manager appears once a year and informs about the latest developments and current projects in public transport.

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Current cover story

What Does Public Transport Have To Do With AI?

Intelligent Mobility

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone‘s lips, at least since ChatGPT appeared in the media some time ago. The possibilities and capabilities of AI seem limitless – whether it is applied to artificially generated texts, generated images, composed music or edited photos. But is there a practical benefit for the daily operations of a transport company?

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Recommended articles

How PSIebus navigates Hamburg‘s buses through the depots

For many years, PSI Transcom‘s Depot Management System (DMS) has been controlling the buses in the now eight depots of Hamburger Hochbahn AG and ensuring that they are supplied and ready for use at the required time. Since 2020, electric buses have also been part of the fleet. Stefan Tintera, team leader for electric bus depot management at Hamburger Hochbahn AG, uses the example of the Alsterdorf depot to provide an insight into the complex processes and describes how the PSIebus depot management system controls all vehicle-specific processes – from the entry of an electric bus to its exit.

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Split-train operation at the RhB

Since October 2022, anyone traveling with the Rhätische Bahn may have been sitting in a so-called split-train, meaning, in a train that travels to two or more destinations. Optimal interaction between the dispositioning and passenger information system ensures that passengers get on the correct section of the train and arrive relaxed at their desired destination.

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When mathematics can make dreams come true

In many transport companies, vacation allocations for the drivers staff are based on fixed vacation periods or rotating vacation groups. These procedures are complex and if they have to be manually implemented, they are far from popular with employees. But an automated vacation optimization function integrated into the personnel disposition system can change both.

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