29 Mar 2013

Intelligent operational control systems are indispensible for solving future traffic problems

Extract from "Exponews" UITP Geneva, March 2013

More people are crowding into metropolitan areas every day, and their need for complex mobility is growing continually. They demand easy access to a wide range of carriers which suite their lifestyle. Whether airplane, rail and bus for long-distance travel, or bus, tram and subway in and around the city, passengers expect a positive travel experience: seamless connections, high standards of quality for vehicles and stations, as well as precise and real-time information on travel routes.

The increasing shift from individual to public transportation is a challenge all transportation companies must face. This requires – in addition to adjusting the service portfolio – courage and a willingness to take risks in order to realise a healthy balance between individual transportation and attractive public transportation. And importantly, the environment demands timely action to combat air and noise pollution.

In particular in metropolitan areas, where populations are expected to double by 2050, increasing demand for mobility cannot be achieved solely by expanding infrastructure. Instead, intelligent transportation systems based on flexible and sustainable platforms are required. Tailored software must be used to increase the capacity and quality of public transportations. It must prevent, anticipate, quickly react to, and prevent disruptions. Requirements include increased efficiency, as well as improved customer satisfaction by being on time, reliable and safe.

For this reason, at PSI Transcom we see one of our key tasks as providing optimal support through partnerships with our customers from around the world and intelligent and flexible software solutions. For us, this presents a chance and challenge, since a large number of process participants means more complex systems. But we welcome this challenge. Our projects will help ensure that everyone has access to quality public transportation and that at the same time the environment is protected through a resource-conserving use of energy and fuel.

Our systems for depot management and automatic vehicle location are proven to deliver major benefits to passengers as well as to public transport operators relating to increased efficiency in managing vehicles and a significant decrease in operational costs.