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Best Result since 1998: PSI with Balanced 2003 EBIT Operative result of 1.8 million euros in the fourth quarter

… – Despite the continuing poor economic environment, PSI achieved a balanced EBIT (2002: –12.4 million euros)…

PSI announces adjustments to subsidiary PSI UBIS Resources in Information Management segment to be bundled

… pressure on margins at the Group’s subsidiary PSI UBIS AG, the PSI Board of Management resolved to…

PSI Presents New Product Offers at the Digital Factory - New Production Control Technology at the Hanover Fair 2004 - Series of events on the new PSIpenta version in June 2004

… trade fair in Hanover between 19 and 24 April, PSI will be presenting the current product palette in the…

PSI Continues Concentration on Core Business Sale of PK Software Engineering GmbH business operations

… Berlin, 29 March 2004 –PSI AG has sold its PK Software Engineering GmbH business operations to PROSOZ Herten GmbH. PSI

PSI Wins First Control System Order in Public Sector New orders in Information Management segment 30% above previous year

… Berlin, 2 April 2004 – PSI increased their new orders in the Information Management business by over 30% to 6 million…

PSI Decides on Reorganization of PSIPENTA Subsidiary Market-oriented Structure and Change in Management

… Berlin, 19 April 2004 – The Executive Board of the PSI AG has decided, effective immediately, on a reorganization of…

Swedish Banverket Chooses PSIcontrol Control System Control system from PSI will ensure rail electrical supply in Sweden

… operator Banverket has decided in favor of a PSIcontrol control system for the management of the railway…

PSI Realizes European Registry Information Service European Commission promotes RISER innovation project

… international consortium under the leadership of PSI AG is realizing the European registry information as…
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