Satisfied customers are the basis for our success.

We always concentrate on finding optimal solutions for our customers. We accompany them from the start to the end of the project and further on. Our projects are not finished before our customers are a hundred percent satisfied. This pays off - in longlasting and cooperative customer relations.

Considering the complexity and the multiplicity of processes, that are automatically managed at the depot by the system, the software enables a reliable, save and punctual tram traffic in Poznan. What is even more important, for us as the operator, is the optimized utilization of the technical infrastructure and the human resources. Not only does our staff benefit from the new system, but as well all passengers of the Poznan tram.

Wojciech Tulibacki, General Manager , MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o.

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The colleagues praise the system because it works so well and vehicle shortages have been significantly reduced. Even at times with traffic congestion, the situation was considerably improved by the DMS. It is already evident that the decision for PSItraffic has paid off and that we are much closer to achieving our goals.

Dr. Heinrich Böse, Bus Operations, System Planning and System Technology, Hamburger Hochbahn AG

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"PSItraffic enables dispatchers in the control centre to directly provide customers with information on all operational events. With this, we are presenting ourselves as a modern transport company that reliably and quickly informs its passengers about all operational events."

Daniel Fankhauser, Manager Rolling Stock and Technology, Aare Seeland mobil AG

One decisive success factor was the extremely simple, individual configurability of the workplaces, which makes fast and simple operation possible.
Using the system improved the transparency of the vehicle situation in the depots and forms the foundation for further optimisation measures."

Thomas Wimpff, Business Unit Manager, Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

"Since the introduction of the PSI control system, we have profited from an error-free data supply and rapid response times. By continuously monitoring the transport situation, we are able to react quickly to disruptions. We are certain that we have become more reliable in the eyes of our passengers because we can guarantee connections and communicate them immediately in vehicles and on the platform."

Bernd Stühler, Project Engineer, MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH

„With the PSI control system we have a modern and highly productive solution that makes our operations efficient and visibly increases customer sactisfaction."

Karsten Bööck, Operations Manager, SWS Nahverkehr GmbH

„The migration from the old PSI system to the new one was carried out completely smooth. With the upgrade of the system, we have significantly expanded our ability to analyze and log.
We are functionally and technically up to date. That strengthens our competitiveness and gives us security for the future."

Kristina Rectenwald, Information Management, Rostocker Straßenbahn AG

"With PSI, we have found an extremely flexible and capable partner that has played a valuable role both in managing the project and by contributing its experience, and which together with us realised this project in on time."

Christian Karl, Managing Director, Omnipart Verkehrsdienstleistungen GmbH

"The PSI control system meets the high quality standards of the Hamburg S-Bahn and sets the standard for modern rapid rail transit operational technology. The innovative programming of its practice-oriented usability and extensive operational information provide optimal operational control and comprehensive and timely passenger information."

Andreas Follak, Manager Infrastructure, S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH

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"With the passenger information system from PSI, the Rhätische Bahn has a first-class and modern product that also ideally suits the aesthetics of our image. Besides the passenger information system, we can also provide interesting travel recommendations in the Grisons at the stations. Together with PSI, we have implemented another important milestone in attractiveness and competitiveness for our customers."

Christian Florin, Manager Infrastructure, Rhätische Bahn AG

"With the PSItraffic DMS we can match vehicles to blocks 100%. Before we had the system it was just 90-92%. In addition the system works across several depots so we can rech an optimal workshop capacity. As far as we know, there is no other comparable system on the market. We were able to significantly optimise our operations with PSItraffic and clearly improve our performance."

Torben Skuballa, Operations Manager, Ruhrbahn GmbH

"With the completion of the PIS Project Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn has a complex and powerful passenger information system that matches the requirements of modern passenger information considering rail specific conditions. Operations are efficient and with the central real-time data supply we can guarantee reliable and continuous passenger information."

Andreas Volken, Project Manager Rolling Stock Engineering, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn