• PSItraffic/Automatic Vehicle Management

    Efficiently controlling complex processes

Our PSItraffic/Automatic Vehicle Management System helps you to ensure the quality of your operations. For reliable public transport and optimal passenger service.

When is the next bus or the next tram scheduled to arrive? Will I reach my connection? How to reach my goal the fastest? Bus and train passengers ask themselves these and similar questions every day. More than anything, they want to reach their destination on time and be informed quickly and reliably in case of delays. Transport companies can only face these challenges with modern IT systems.

The PSItraffic Automatic Vehicle Management System (AVMS) is one building block for the management of daily operations in public transport.

The system tracks the locations of all vehicles, compares them with the planned data and provides the dispatcher with a complete overview of operational processes. Using digital maps and graphical views, you can quickly get an overview of the situation and make the right decisions in case of disruptions.
Real-time data provide passengers with information about their connections in the vehicles, at bus stops or via mobile devices.

PSItraffic/AVMS ensures smooth and on-time operation – an important prerequisite for satisfied passengers and maintaining your competitiveness.

Integrated components for efficient planning and dispatching

Reliable operations, reliable connections, online passenger information, efficient incident management.
PSItraffic supports you in daily operations.

Multi-client capability
Several companies can be integrated in PSItraffic. The dispatchers either work for your company or for multiple clients.

GPS, GLONASS or Galileo – Your buses and trains always know where they are and report this to the control centre.

For voice transmission, PSItraffic/AVMS uses analogue, digital or mobile IP data.

Vehicles report their locations to the control centre. PSItraffic/AVMS reliably calculates arrival times at the next stops in real-time.

An integrated incident and detour management system
enables the fast recovery of regular operations.

Passenger information
PSItraffic/AVMS provides real-time passenger information – on displays and acoustically, in vehicles, at stops and on mobile devices.

Ensuring connections
The system checks in real-time whether connections can be maintained. If this is not the case, the dispatcher is alerted and can act accordingly. Drivers and passengers are informed.

On-demand traffic
Dial-a-ride buses are included in the system and can also be managed.

Quality management
PSItraffic/AVMS collects historical operating data, analyses it graphically and produces management reports.

Vehicle technology
We work together with expert partners for the selection of the on-board computer and ticket printer and the installation of the equipment in your vehicles.

Your benefits

Plan, control and monitor bus and tramway operations

  • Monitoring operations
  • Efficient action in case of disruptions
  • Integration of ticket printers/ on-board computers
  • IP-based communication with the drivers
  • Real-time passenger information
  • Integrated quality management system (Business Intelligence)
  • High-quality service for passengers



Software architecture with maximum flexibility

High usability

Even complex processes must remain simple to control. This is why the design and usability of interfaces and dialogues represent a special challenge for us.

  • Clear menu structure
  • Graphical and table views
  • Individual customisations and views
  • Comprehensive navigation functions

Integration and openness

The use of standard interfaces and the creation of new standards make the exchange of data with existing IT systems secure and stable.

  • Standard interfaces for journey and roster planning, for personnel deployment and for additional AVM systems
  • Ticket printers/on-board computers
  • Displays, web-based information
  • Depot management system
  • Quality management system

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