Planning, controlling and monitoring. Quickly and flexibly.

PSItraffic identifies and visualises disruptions and allows immediate initiation of measures to eliminate disruptions.

PSItraffic supplies comprehensive and clear information on the operational situation and collects data to quickly identify and eliminate failures and irregularities during operation. Integrated automation functions ensure optimal monitoring and disposition of vehicles and drivers.

Dealing with disruptions
During operation, lesser and greater disruptions are unavoidable. PSItraffic gives you the ability to quickly identify and visualise disruptions, while also identifying conflicts and secondary conflicts.

Management of detours
Your dispatcher can then quickly restore normal operations using the graphical detour finder and the simulation of disruption scenarios.

Ensuring connections
PSItraffic automatically identifies connections and reports them to the drivers. Your customers are informed if the connection will be kept or not.

Projekt: ITCS bei der SWS Nahverkehr GmbH

„With the PSI control system we have a modern and highly productive solution that makes our operations efficient and visibly increases customer satisfaction.”

Karsten Bööck, Operations Manager at SWS Nahverkehr GmbH