On-demand Service

Reach your destination flexibly.

PSItraffic enables you, to exacly coordinate demand and regular service.
An advantage for you and for your passengers.

Especially in rural areas, the much-cited shift in demographics, constantly increasing cost pressure and new travel habits are causing problems for the implementation of break-even public transport that is also attractive and meets the population‘s needs.

Flexible service offerings – whether scheduled or unscheduled – are becoming increasingly important for the comprehensive delivery of public transport services. Here, vehicles should only be used when there is actually a need.

On-demand services offer a number of possibilities – from buses that stop on demand, to shared and dial-a-ride buses in regular service, to fixed-run taxis or shared taxis. The basic idea is to only deploy vehicles at the places and times where they are needed.

PSItraffic integrates the regular service and the on-demand service in one system.

This results in a real benefit to the transport companies by improving their range of services at predictable costs. In cases where ridership cannot justify service on a certain schedule, it is not necessary to send a large bus on the route every hour, but rather only if it is really needed. A certain percentage of the trips may be carried out as the need arises using smaller vehicles. Kilometres not travelled also reduce costs and protect the environment.

Finally, billing subcontractors becomes more transparent and simpler.