Passenger Information

Always up-to-date.

PSItraffic provides real-time passenger information - visual and acoustic, in vehicles, at stops and mobile.

Your customers not only expect on-time and safe transportation, but also constantly updated and modern passenger information.

Information displayed where your customers need it
We assist you with PSItraffic – You can always use the optimal display type:

Whether stationary displays (LED, LCD or TFT) or web-based systems, a voice portal, or mobile devices (smartphone).

If you want to use QR codes at stops or in vehicles, you can generate these yourself in PSItraffic and thereby remain independent and always up-to-date.

The focus is on the control center
The control center represents the focus of data exchange. Dispatchers are informed at their workplaces about current operational events and can, when necessary, intervene. At the same time, information needed by passengers is automatically sent through the entire network and is always consistent and up-to-date.

Adapting to different layouts and display types – PSItraffic does this automatically.

You have a large service area and need different languages at different stations – PSItraffic does this too – even according to time of day

Connections to other systems
You want to exchange data with other transportation companies, send data to a central data pool, or receive data from other transportation companies – PSItraffic has the interfaces.

Whether VDV 452/453/454 or SIRI, we help develop the standards and have implemented them in PSItraffic.