PSItraffic Depot Management

Our PSItraffic depot management system automates your operations and optimises your personnel and vehicle use.

A clear overview of all processes

Optimally dispatch drivers and vehicles.
For the best-possible utilisation of all resources.

The many challenges that a transport company faces can hardly be dealt with without the help of modern information technology. Ensuring daily operations, meeting growing passenger demands on quality and reducing costs – these are the daily challenges of transport companies. Fulfilling these requirements begins at the depots, where buses and trams are prepared for daily operation, cleaned, refuelled, sanded, maintained and repaired.

How can the garage tasks be integrated with the requirements of smooth operation? What maintenance must be completed and at what time?

Your Benefits

Increase of vehicle availability
Reduction of vehicles in reserve
Optimised vehicle parking
Optimised vehicle maintenance
Less refuelling processes
Automatic optimisation
High process quality
With AVMS in one system

Which vehicles must be refuelled? Which do not? Is there collision damage to a vehicle? When does it have to be pre-heated in the winter? Which driver takes which vehicle in the morning for his trip, and where is this vehicle parked?

These and many other questions are answered automatically by the PSItraffic depot management system (DMS), which at the same time also organises the necessary operations.

With PSItraffic/DMS, you are provided with an overview of your operation and, in case of disruptions, can take prompt action. Whether in disposition, in the garage, or drivers searching for their vehicles – the optimisation potential is enormous. PSItraffic/DMS creates transparency and helps you to adapt processes and thus improve your competitiveness.

PSItraffic/DMS seamlessly integrates multiple depots and different business areas such as tram or bus.

PSItraffic/DMS for bus operations at Hamburger Hochbahn

PSItraffic/DMS for tram operations at MPK Posnan

Optimisation with Qualicision - Dynamic, flexible and fast

The dispatching core applied for the DMS is based on PSI`s optimisation software Qualicision, which finds a solution based on operational constraints within seconds.

The special feature of Qualicision is not only its outstanding speed and thus the possibility of cyclical use at short intervals, but also the consideration of various restrictions and qualitative criteria. These can have different effects depending on the time of day and be configured differently for different depots.

The core of the optimisation itself calculates a solution across all depots based on any restrictions and qualitative criteria.

The optimisation automatically recognises vehicle bottlenecks and adapts the allocation. So non-detachable blocks will be far in the future and thus there is sufficient time to react, for example by vehicles being provided ahead of time by the workshop.

Restrictions and criteria can be switched on and off online or configured on a time-of-day basis. In addition weightings can be configured so that individual criteria have a higher degree of target achievement than others.

The optimisation module has been successfully used by our customers for many years and will be an integral part of the even more complex requirements for charge and load management of alternative drives in the future and will serve the objective to have autonomous trips in tram and bus depots.

Integrated components for efficient planning and dispatching

Pictures: © PSI Transcom GmbH, © Hamburger Hochbahn AG, © Rostocker Straßenbahn AG, © Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG