• PSItraffic Train Management

    Efficiency and reliability in rail transport

Our PSItraffic Train Management System is the basis for centrally monitoring and controlling your train operations. For trouble-free and reliable transport operations.

On-time trains, reliable connections, fast and reliable passenger information – these are just a few of the things that passengers expect from rail companies. The train management system PSItraffic/TMS provides many functions to solve these problems while simultaneously providing reliable, trouble-free and efficient train operations.

The system continuously identifies all required data and presents it clearly to employees at headquarters: the current operational status, vehicle locations, disruptions and irregularities or potential conflicts. An integrated fault management system ensures that with the help of comprehensive dispatching functions, the planned train operations can take place or be restored, and that passengers are informed.

The itinerary of the trains is passed from the integrated train routing to the signal boxes. This ensures the reliability required for railway operations.
All data collected in PSItraffic/TMS is also simultaneously used to supply passengers with current passenger information – at stations or in trains in both audio-visual form and on mobile devices.

Integrated components for efficient planning and dispatching

Reliable operations, reliable connections, online passenger information, efficient incident management.
PSItraffic supports you in daily operations.

Multi-client capability
Several companies can be integrated in PSItraffic/TMS. The dispatchers work for your company or for multiple clients.

Thanks to the latest tracking methods, the control centre always knows where the trains are located and can process the locations for track occupancy.

The system calculates the arrival at the stations in real-time based on the location data.

Conflict detection
PSItraffic/TMS identifies conflicts on single-track lines or at junctions and informs the dispatchers.

Train routing
The system determines the optimal itinerary for the next sections in real-time and sends this information from the train routing to the signal box.

Train disposition
PSItraffic enables quick dispatching measures, such as train cancellations or the pulling out of additional trains.

Ensuring connections
The system checks in real-time whether connections can be maintained. If this is not the case, the dispatcher is alerted and can act accordingly. Drivers and passengers are informed.

Passenger information
PSItraffic/TMS provides real-time passenger information – on displays and acoustically, in vehicles, at stations and on mobile devices.

Video management
IP-based video systems record the situation in vehicles or at stations. The cameras are integrated in PSItraffic/TMS.

Monitoring technology at the stations
PSItraffic/TMS provides the matching interfaces to your systems for monitoring equipment at the stations.

Quality management
PSItraffic/TMS collects historical operating data and analyses it graphically and in reports, forming the basis for analyses and process optimisations.

Your benefits

Plan, control and monitor rail operations

  • Low-cost solution for reliable rail operations
  • Monitoring operations
  • Efficient action in case of disruptions
  • Multi-language real-time passenger information
    (displays, announcements, web-based information)
  • Integration of video management
  • Integration of the infrastructure at the stations
  • Integrated quality management system (Business Intelligence)

Software architecture with maximum flexibility

High usability

Even complex processes must remain simple to control. This is why the design and usability of interfaces and dialogues represent a special challenge for us.

  • Clear menu structure
  • Graphical and table views
  • Individual customisations and views
  • Comprehensive navigation functions

Integration and openness

The use of standard interfaces and the creation of new standards make the exchange of data with existing IT systems secure and stable.

  • Standard interfaces for journey and roster planning
  • Remote operation for signal boxes
  • Displays, web-based information
  • Train routing
  • Quality management system
  • Passenger information system
  • Depot management system

PSIcontrol controls railway electricity networks

For the sophisticated and economic management of railway electricity networks  PSIcontrol, a solution of PSI subsidiary PSI Energy EE, is used.

PSIcontrol works reliably even in extreme network fault situations. It effectively supports network management in fault localisation as well as with fast and comprehensive service restoration.


Mario Schröer
Division Manager AVMS/Train Management
Dircksenstraße 42-44
10178 Berlin
+49 30 2801-1610