Conflict detection

Detect and eliminate conflicts quickly.

PSItraffic creates graphical overviews of conflicts and supports
dispatching decisions.

The goal of conflict detection is to detect conflicts at track crossings or single tracks on the basis of route and schedule data and forecasts, and to visualise this for the dispatcher. He then decides upon the operational solution, for example a train cancellation, a train change or the use of additional trains.

Due to the high train density, the dispatcher must respond quickly in case of a fault. He should then be supported in his decision making to the greatest extent possible by (semi)-automated functions and algorithms. This primarily concerns conflict detection and resolution, and in addition, the implementation of the dispatching decision in train routing.

Project: Train Management System for MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH

"Since the introduction of the PSI control system, we have profited from an error-free data supply and rapid response times. By continuously monitoring the transport situation, we are able to react quickly to disruptions. We are certain that we have become more reliable in the eyes of our passengers because we can guarantee connections and communicate them immediately in vehicles and on the platform."

Bernd St├╝hler, Project Engineer, MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH