Infrastructure Management

Everything under control.

With PSItraffic, you keep an overview of your infrastructure. In case of incidents or alarms you can quickly react.

Today, you expect to be able to manage your entire infrastructure at stops and in the network with a minimum of personnel.

PSItraffic makes this possible, based on standard interfaces.

Whether DFI displays, ticket vending machines, escalators, elevators, video cameras or emergency telephones, we check the status and inform the dispatchers. At the same time, you receive a complete overview of your systems.

PSItraffic can even control devices that have the capability – for example, video cameras.

Project: Passenger information and communication system for KTMB Malaysia

"All the equipment in the stations can be monitored and controlled from the control centre in Kuala Lumpur. If there are any disruptions the system sets alarms. PSItraffic visualises the equipment in graphical views, so Dispatchers have a complete overview of the station."

Milan Wölke, Project Manager PSI Transcom GmbH