Quality Management

Identify potential for improvements.

PSItraffic creates meaningful management reports - important basis for decisions regarding the optimisation of your operational processes.

Typically, IT systems have reporting capabilities to create analyses for defined queries.

PSItraffic can do more. It combines different data sources and is able to process large amounts of data in a short time.

The module is based on a standard business intelligence platform available on the open market. The data is merged in a shared database using corresponding adapters to the data sources in the individual systems (AVMS, DMS, passenger information, ERP). With just a few clicks, data can be queried for specific locations — whether at key interchanges or single lines — or for a specified time, e.g. on the first day of every month in over the past ten years. PSItraffic combines historical system data and create graphical reports. The system creates powerful management reports in less than five seconds.