Train Dispatching

Decisions based on operational data.

PSItraffic supplies the basis for efficient and safe train operations.

For the visualisation of trains PSItraffic creates graphical views like time-line diagrams, schematic network plans, GIS and table views.

Dispatching tasks are amongst others the strengthening and weakening of trains, the automatic control of passenger information and online interfaces, the use of additional trains, failure of stops, the control of on-demand stops, service interruptions and ensuring connections.

Project: Information system for S-Bahn Hamburg

"The PSI control system meets the high quality standards of the Hamburg S-Bahn and sets the standard for modern rapid rail transit operational technology. The innovative programming of its practice-oriented usability and extensive operational information provide optimal operational control and comprehensive and timely passenger information."

Andreas Follak, Manager Infrastructure, S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH