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As a leading provider of control technology solutions for public transport, we ensure optimum availability of personnel and vehicles.

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We know what moves transport companies!

They have complex tasks to master every day. Your vehicles must leave the depots on time, the timetable must be adhered to, connections must be made - in short: vehicles and personnel must always be 100 percent available.

We support you in this!

With PSItraffic you achieve 

  • the best possible availability of personnel and vehicles
  • with economical operation and 
  • technological leadership

PSItraffic/DMS Depot Management System

PSItraffic/DMS enables you to digitize your depot processes, establish a continuous, digital workflow and integrate all areas of your operations: the best way to begin mastering the many complex tasks in the depot.


  • Automatic and across depot dispatching
  • Supply and workshop management
  • Vehicle location and tracking
  • Centralized depot, driver and switch control
  • Integration of electric and hydrogen buses
  • Reporting/quality management/reporting

PSIebus Depot and Charging Management System

PSIebus provides you with an integrated software solution that leverages expertise in both public transport processes and energy supplies. The system combines the depot management module PSIeDMS with the charging management System PSIsmartcharging.


  • Vehicle monitoring during operation
  • Charge planning, control of charging processes and automatic vehicle dispatching
  • AI-based forecasting of ranges, energy consumption and demand
  • Parking space and charging station allocation
  • Automatic preconditioning
  • Monitoring of the electrical system in the depot
  • Optimization of energy consumption

PSItraffic/TMS Train Management System

PSItraffic/TMS is the foundation for the digitalization and automation of rail traffic processes and enables safe, trouble-free, and economical train operation. PSItraffic/TMS integrates both subways and railways. 


  • Central monitoring and control of train traffic
  • Train running supervision/vehicle monitoring
  • Dispatching/fault management/suggestion management
  • Support of (partially) autonomous train operation
  • Wing train operation (train sharing)
  • Vehicle and workshop management
  • Passenger information

PSItraffic/AVMS Automatic Vehicle Management System

PSItraffic/AVMS ensures smooth and on-time operation – an important prerequisite for satisfied passengers and maintaining your competitiveness.


  • Disposition
  • Fault/redirection management
  • Multi-client capability
  • Passenger information
  • Integration of on-demand traffic
  • Ensuring connections
  • Quality management/reporting

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