• Fast switching on narrow rails

    PSItraffic Train Management System at Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn


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  • Better informed with PSItraffic

    Renewal of the information and reporting system at S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH

  • Stuttgart Airport bus station:

    Passenger Information System PSItraffic starts operation

  • Artificial tram intelligence in Poznan

    PSItraffic DMS manages processes in Poland's most modern tram depot


  • Hamburger Hochbahn AG introducing DMS

    PSItraffic automating six bus depots

PSItraffic - Smart Solution for Mobility and Efficiency.

35 Years of Competence

For 35 years we have successfully focused our systems on the efficient control and optimisation of operational processes in public transport.

Strong Partners

We rely on the expertise of our long-term partners. Together, we develop individual solutions for our customers.

Active in research and development

Through our active collaboration in r&d projects, we are able to help fundamentally shape the development of control technologies in public transport with innovative solutions and strategies.


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