PSI and Moveo united under one roof

PSI Group improves its position in the public transportation business by acquiring Moveo Software GmbH of Potsdam. Moveo Software GmbH was founded in 1990 and has 20 employees. The core business centers around the  profahr system for planning, disposition and invoicing of transportation operations. The system is the ideal supplement for PSItraffic control systems developed by PSI Transcom for public transportation.
In addition, with the acquisition, the PSI Transcom GmbH strengthens their team with highly-qualified and experienced specialists with extensive qualifications in the growing market for mobility solutions.

Moveo profahr supports service operations and offers, with the personnel disposition, a scalable, flexible and universally applicable software solution. profahr guarantees that statutory and operational regulations are maintained, provides a number of optimization components for planning service operations and supports web user interfaces and mobile devices.

Transportation companies now obtain both the software for scheduling personnel as well as for customer administration and invoicing along with the software for controlling operations and passenger information from one hand.

Professional Personnel Management

Various optimisation components

Flexible and universally applicable

Scales to any company size

Individual alignment to different company profiles

Ensuring compliance with legal and operational regulations

Support of work both on the web and on mobile devices

Training and support during operation

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PSI Transcom and Moveo Software united under one roof